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Event Management

A world-class event management team delivering live, online, and hybrid events throughout Australia.

You may not notice the decor, props, backgrounds, and lights. Or the way we positioned that last row of chairs, in *just* the right spot. However, at every Agentur event, you will feel something special.

The merging of creativity and planning is unique to the event management industry. That's why we love it so much. We get to take your event plan and theming ideas and bring them to life. Not in a subtle way, either.

We've been doing event management a for long time and we throw everything at your event. To make each unique. Extraordinary. And completely memorable.

We keep it local too. By producing events with a flair that embraces local culture and community.

Our knowledge and partnerships with industry partners run deep.

That's why we can always pair the perfect artisans, musicians, and venues with your event needs.

Our theming sets the tone, generating its energy to tell the story and convey your key messages. Once in place, it will inspire you.


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Our process:

1. Meet

We get to know each other. In this initial meeting, we get a general vibe for your ideas, needs, and if we're a good fit for each other.

2. Needs & Goals

What type of event is it? What are your needs, expectations, and vision? Let's clarify your goals and objectives. So we can make sure what we design and execute delivers outstanding results.

3. Talking Budget

Meeting your budget is integral to running a successful event. Creating an extraordinary event that is within budget is an expectation we share. We carefully manage all aspects of your event to ensure your budget remains on target, as with your vision.

4. Proposal

We write a personalised event proposal. Focused on starting the partnership off with clarity, trust, and confidence. Details that will make you feel heard and understood. Walk away with a proposal that gives you confidence your vision and goals are in great hands.

5. Review & Approve

Together we review the proposal and agree on any changes. Once you approve the proposal we sign a contract that triggers an initial 30% engagement fee. The contract outlines the monthly retainer payable against set milestones and deliverables.

6. Execution

In close consultation with you, we plan and execute the event. Backed by our depth of experience, eye for detail, and supporting systems and processes, nothing is left to chance. And nothing is impossible.

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Keys to Successful Event Management

It all starts with a bold entrance.

First impressions matter and the smallest of budgets can create the biggest impact in attendees' minds.

We will help you deliver bold entrances with a sense of theatre. An unforgettable start to your event.

Every. Detail. Considered.

Breathing magic into events happens by design. From the moment your attendees walk through the door, to the decor, food, and entertainment.

We thrive on the details from start to finish. This is how we create extraordinary and unique events, every time.

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A completely immersive experience.

The most immersive experiences come at you from all angles. When we're planning an event, we visualise every aspect.

Walk in, look up, what do I see? How will I feel? Ceiling and aerial decor complete the immersive experience like nothing else. Choose an event management team that leaves your attendees with an intangible feeling that makes them go wow.

Read how we used light to fill this exhibition space

One must have (if you want to bring your event to life).

We've never met a venue we can't bring to life, with light. Lighting transforms venues. If your theme relies on colour or you have a lot of space to fill, lighting can have a huge impact. It's non-intrusive, transforming, and impactful.

Here's how we approach event design and layout.

Food, glorious food.

A curated menu elevates any event experience. Think ... delicious food stations. Scrumptious dishes that tie in with your theme. Or full-service, multi-course menus.

We'll curate a menu that has attendees snapping photos, and raving to anyone who will listen.

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Event Management Clients


"Thanks for all your support over the past 6 months to put together this great IPAA National Conference. There was not a single hitch during the dinner, conference, workshops or the YPN function, which is a great credit to your ability to get our committee across what needed to be planned, considered and implemented and your great work to ensure meticulous attention to detail."

David Alexander,
Executive Director, Housing Programs & Support Services

"When it was decided to hold an international scientific conference in Darwin, Agentur made the choice of PCO easy from the outset. They provided a highly efficient service, which was exemplified by their responsiveness to our demands even when they were under pressure from other bigger events. They organized international VIPs with a level of service that exceeded expectations, and they were exceptionally strong in organizing our amazing social events. The decision to choose a local partner also proved important, as it allowed us to draw on the experience they had gathered in the Territory over their years of operation. The society's membership and council will remember the Darwin conference as one of our most successful events in terms of both participation and profits, and we will fondly remember the help Agentur provided."

Andrew Hartford,
Snd Reseach Scientist, Dept' of Environment and Energy

"One word - Congratulations. You pulled off the best example of a regional festival in the nation. You made thousands happy. You paraded Indigenous food culture as something day-to-day. Amazing. One hundred percent success from my point of view - Territory Taste Festival."

Richard Cornish,
Food Writer, Fairfax Media