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How Do I Choose an Event Management Company?

There’s two sides to this. The questions you should ask them and the questions you should ask yourself. Let’s expand.

Planning an event, whether it’s a conference, festival, or another event, is a big job filled with lots of details and decisions. To make it harder once you start looking around for help, it can be hard to understand the differences between event management companies. They so often look and sound similar.

In this blog post, we’ll explore key considerations, from a company’s experience and the types of events they do, to their services and creativity. Here’s a hint too before you read any further: location may seem important, but it pales in comparison to these other important traits.

So read on, and hopefully the next five minutes become some of the most important time you invest in your upcoming event.

You’ve got one shot at this. You’re probably handling a signifcant budget and a lot of people are counting on the outcome.

You wouldn’t hire the DJ to handle the catering, right? Of course not! So let’s make sure you’re armed with the right questions to ask potential event management company partners so you can avoid making a choice you regret later.

Questions You Should Ask an Event Management Company Before Hiring Them

Can you walk me through a couple of similar events you’ve run and talk me about how you overcame challenges that come up?

Things inevitably pop up. A speaker might cancel, or vendors (or even the venue) might need to change. It’s important to have a dynamic and unflappable team that can handle whatever comes their way. And things will come up!

How do you ensure that every event detail is considered, from planning to execution?

Guests might not always notice the details, but they will definitely feel the impact of great event design. Don’t leave it to luck. You want to know that the event management company has both the right team and efficient processes to cover all aspects of your event seamlessly.

What steps do you take to make sure that sponsors and stakeholders feel valued and integral to the event?

Asking this ensures both the event management company has experience delivering on stakeholder promises, and has demonstrable experience creating real value for them.

Can you provide examples of innovative solutions or unique touches you’ve incorporated into past events to make them stand out?

We love this question and, honestly, we excel when someone asks it. We thrive on the details that make your event unique and engaging for your guests. This question helps you gauge an event management company’s creativity and ability to bring fresh ideas to the table. If they can talk passionately about how they used light, space, entertainment, or any other detail to elevate an event, they might just be the right fit for you.

How do you measure the success of an event?

Understanding their metrics for success will show you how results-oriented they are and whether they can provide meaningful post-event analysis.

Question To Ask Yourself Before Hiring An Event Management Company

Have they demonstrated an understanding of your budget and goals, and do you buy into their vision?

When evaluating potential partners, consider if they will respect your budget and whether they can describe similar successful projects from the past. Trust your instincts—do you get a good gut feeling working with them? Assess if there is genuine enthusiasm for your vision. Finally, determine if they offer fresh ideas and push boundaries in search of better solutions.

Will they be there when we need them?

Most event management companies will “do everything.” From programming to management on the day, and everything in between. So, the “services offered” box is likely to be ticked.

But what happens when things go awry? Take this situation that popped up during planning for the Uluru Climb Closure Celebration, for example.

I remember once there was some confusion in the (indigeous) community, and someone needed me to come straight down to discuss with them. It turned into a journey from Darwin to Uluru, involving multiple flights and a final stretch on the road, all for a crucial one-hour discussion under a tree.

Navigating the cultural nuances and communication styles within traditional communities requires patience, presence, and respect. This experience showed the importance of being physically present and directly engaging with the community. A reminder that sometimes the simplest, face-to-face conversations, are what moves the planning forward.

Does the event management company have similar stories of adapting to overcome challenges?

Is this going to make my life easy, and frankly, are they going to blow this event out the water?

An event management company’s track record says a lot about their skills. Look for ones with a solid history of pulling off highly successful events, especially those that match your vision.
But it’s not just about the day itseltf; you also want to know if they made the process easy and stress-free for their clients. Check out reviews and testimonials to get a feel for their professionalism, communication, and how they handle challenges.

Don’t hesitate to dig into their event management processes. What kind of communication can you expect about timing, budgets, resources, entertainment, and other planning details? You want them to be on top of everything, not leaving you to handle the organisation, and driving the outcomes they promise.

If you’re new to event planning, you’ll be amazed at how complex it can be. Done it before? Well you know how effortless and great event management partner can make it. You know you need someone who simplifies the process and guides the event successfuly to your budget, vision, and goals.

And just as important as the practical stuff: do you think they’ll be a pleasure to work with? Creating an extraordinary event takes a lot of planning and communication. Does your gut tell you ‘they’ve got this’?

Ready to elevate your next event? Contact us today to ensure every detail is expertly handled and your event is a success.

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